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Content Management Systems

At quantum-soft we have evolved a Content Management System (CMS) over the years that has satisfied many clients. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind so that anyone with fairly minimal internet experience can use it. Its features are:

  • A realtime web site page editor with the following features:
    • Image management
    • Tables
    • Hyperlinks
    • The ability to insert video, google maps, flash coding etc
    • New page creation
    • Navigation menus
    • Online forms
    • Full textual formatting
    • Div and span styling (fancy box styling)
    • File downloading links
    • plus lots more
  • Website design template editing. With this tool you can instantly modify the design of your complete website or make a various templates for different pages.
  • Navigation menu creator. This tool creates search engine friendly navigation menus that can have drop down or flyout buttons. The style and look of these menus are fully customisable.
  • Form creator. Online forms can be created within minutes using this tool. They can then be added to a page on your website using the Web Page Editor.
  • Image management. Images can be uploaded en masse and then organised by folder if you wish. Jpeg images can even be edited in our Content Management System. They can be cropped, resized, cloned, sharpened, softened, brightened and darkened etc, all online.
    Resources are also included so that you can obtain photos for your website from a stock of over 5 million for as little as $2 each. Graduated background images can also be created only and used on your website.
  • Back Ups. Our invaluable back up manager enables you to make backups of any part or all of the website. Ideal if you are about to edit a complicated page. If you go wrong the individual page can be extracted from the backup and restored. Can be a real life saver!
  • Password protection. The CMS is password protected so that access is limited to those that know. If you want even more security then we can add IP checking or SSL.



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